People often wonder what it’s like to be a continuous immigrant who isn’t a traveller. Travelling to places is completely different as compared to migrating. When you travel as an immigrant, you don’t just visit the places, in fact you get to enjoy and live there as a continuous part of an ongoing journey which isn’t as temporary neither too permanent. Would you like to know how it feels to live this way, then keep on reading:

  • Your mother tongue is never just one

If you know, you know. When you grow up living all around the world you pick up different things and experiences from it and language is just one of them yet it is the most impactful part of your life. Your mother tongue would be a mix of two different languages which you would speak with your family and they would understand, while others? Not so much. You won’t be an expert on either of those languages yet know enough to convey your thoughts and messages.

  • Your family is the only constant in the change

Things don’t really make sense when you are young and emotions can be conflicted. You could be excited as well as scared yet you would push away the negative emotion and bring forth the positive one. But when you actually start growing up, you realize what is happening and things are definitely not the same like they used to be in the last country or the one before that and even if you don’t understand things, you always come back home to your family who are your constants in the continuously changing world.

  • Home is not a place neither a person

It is the emotions. Answering the question ‘where are you from’ can be difficult than you would expect it to be. When you think of home you remember that one flat you had just for a few months on the beach side, waking up to the morning sun and sleeping to the ocean or when you think of home you remember your best friend whom you left behind and still wonder what her life is like with those fun projects and stressful parties or the moment when you felt lost but came back home to your constants – family and this is when you know home is not a place, neither a person, in fact it is the emotions.