Pregnancy is not about giving birth to a baby. It is a nine-month-long process in which a body of a woman goes through several changes to provide nutrients to the baby in the womb to make him or her strong enough to survive in a non-ideal environment, world.

A future mother have changes in hormonal levels that result in

  1. Strong urge to eat different kinds of foods
  2. Fatigue
  3. Loss of calcium and left side of the brain to build bones and brain of a going-to-born child. 

These alternations in hormones weaken the body of a woman. It harms the dental health of her. 

What is Dental Health?

Dental health is all about the health of your mouth. Your mouth plays an important role in digestion and digestion is important because your food decides your thought-pattern and how long will you live healthily. Therefore, it is important to take care of dental or oral health.  

Dentists are specialized to treat your teeth and jaws. They use their equipment to cure cavities and other problems. There are best orthodontists in Dubai and other countries that can reduce the effect of pregnancy and hormones on teeth and mouth. 

What is the effect of Pregnancy on Dental Health?

A woman sacrifices her health to give birth to a child. She goes through high levels of progesterone and oestrogen in those months. These are female sex hormones that prepare the body to give birth. Therefore, she has the urge to eat ice-creams and carb-rich foods in those nine months due to which she get cavities and bacteria that corrode her teeth. 

Excessive levels of sexual hormones, at times, loosen muscles and tissues that hold teeth in jaws due to which some women lose a tooth or two teeth during the process of pregnancy and gestation. 

The process of feeding a child in the womb to give birth is so tiring that many of the women don’t give importance to brush and floss their teeth that result in more bacteria and cavities in teeth. 

Besides cavities and losing teeth, hormonal imbalances cause redness and swelling in jaws. Around 65 to 70 per cent of women have tender gums during pregnancy. Their gums bleed when they brush teeth. 

What Pregnant women can do to keep their mouth healthy?

Pregnant women need to visit the dentist and gynecologist in Dubai or residing place regularly. She should inform her dentist about her pregnancy so that he or she would treat her differently according to her needs and what her teeth need.