Fat and thick people do not face problems when it comes to dressing, thin people do face problems. At times they cannot wear loose clothes as they might look heavy and at the time they cannot wear fit clothes because they would look extremely thin. Hence, some ways can help hard-weight gainers to look attractive in suits. Scroll down to read six ways to look attractive in tailored-suits!

  1. Long sleeves: Long-sleeved shirts will compliment your physique and make you look more formal and attractive. Hard-weight gainers should wear button-up shirts and that would have long sleeves. It will increase perfection if sleeves would be one inch longer. 
  2. Light Fabrics: Cotton and linen will define your physique and body shape impeccably than thick fabric like wool. The light-weight and soft fabric-made suits would fit your body perfectly to compliment your physique.
  3. Colours: Classic colours are made for tall and slim guys. They will make all of their suits semi-formal and formal wear. Black, white and royal blue would complement their body shape while defining their waist and size attractively. 
  4. Necktie:  Wide narrow necktie is not made for you. Tall and slim guys need to buy thin necktie that would end at the belt. Thin necktie will define your body shape and make you classier easily. Try to wear classic-coloured ties to make yourselves a synonym of “handsome and chic”.
  5. Customization: Majority of tall and slim guys’ body size and measurements are different from the standard size. Therefore, they should ask their alteration tailors in Dubai to use made-to-measure techniques to stitch their suit. In made-to-measure, a client has to give body size and measurements to the tailor and tailor would use them with standard size to create customized tailored-suit for them. Made-to-measured suits fit the body impeccably that would give confidence to a person who wears it. 

Waistcoat: If you want to look as hot as Korean men then drape your upper body with waistcoat or jacket. It will make you look slimmer and that’s what makes you appear hotter and attractive in the eyes of ladies and women. Yet, ask your tailoring shop in Dubai to add two to three buttons on the coat. Besides, keep