Solar energy can be used in different ways to produce electricity. Yet you need to spend money to make machines that can convert the energy into power to use it. All solar panel companies use numerous methods to make devices and systems to convert solar energy into a usable form. Scroll down to know what systems can be used to convert solar energy into usable power!

  1. Photovoltaic System:
    Usually, solar energy is transformed into photovoltaic power or system. A photovoltaic system is all about using sunlight as electricity. Your solar panels switch on lights and air-conditioning because the panel converts solar energy or sunlight into photovoltaic power. These panels have semiconductors that absorb sunlight to make electricity. They are made of solar cells that are bind in modules. Each module has 40 solar cells. The modules are installed in such a way that it could follow sun rays and absorb more and more to make more electricity. It would need several photovoltaic arrays to power a house but industry needs around hundreds of arrays to run power plants. 
  2. Solar Water Heating System: The name says everything. The panels convert sunlight to a solar water heating system to warm the water. The idea of making this sort of machine was taken from nature. People observed that shallow are warmer than deep water because sunlight reflects on the water that warms them.
    Solar Water Heating System consists of two parts: a solar collector and storage tank. The collector is like a panel. It is a box-like part that is installed on the roof. The box has tubes that carry water and solution to warm them. The collector collects sunlight to warm water and the warm water will pass into the storage tank.
    Swimming pools have similar technology to warm water.
  3. Solar Power Plants: It is the fusion of a water heating system and photovoltaic system. The sun energy is used to warm water. The steamed water then rotates the turbine which switches on the generator and generator produce electricity. Although the system is bad for the environment as it produces greenhouse gases, there is innovation in solar power plants that make them better. The researchers and scientists have developed 

– a parabolic-trough system that heats the oil via sunlight to boil water for a steam generator to generate electricity,
– a dish system that uses a fluid system which expands the piston to execute mechanical work to produce electricity, and 

– a power tower system that use mirrors and salt silts to produce electricity.

There are solar system companies in Lahore that use the latest technologies to build these systems for industries and factories.