All of us make presentations for our university, school and office work but only a few has ability to design effective presentations. There are many tips to craft an effective presentation design. Some of the following tips are:

Bright colors: Instead of choosing showy presentation designs, use the palette thoughtfully to craft an effective power point design that has bright and soft colors together in such that they make contrast and rhythm with each other. However, it is advised to use red in presentations as people are attracted towards red colors. The more effective colors you would use in presentation, the more it will glue eyes of your audience and glued eyes will double your confidence.

Music: Many of us watch news on BBC or visit BBC websites, not of its news, because of its ear-binding music. We humans are hungry to have flow of information from every sense organ. We don’t concentrate when ears won’t get sound. Therefore, it is advised to add music in your presentation that increase the pace of it and help viewers to stay focused. You can get different types of music for presentation on internet. All you have to do is to search for them and choose thoughtfully.

Pictures: Template colors and music is not enough to turn slides into an attractive presentation. You would need colored pictures as well to let the viewers’ eyes grasp the colors of them and take sensation to the brain to give it a different message to understand. It is advised to presentation makers to add effective pictures that can convey the message easily. You can add pictures that is understandable and colorful so that viewers can comprehend the motive of the presentation easily.

Short and effective text: Many of the people add long and excessive texts in presentations that make it time consuming for viewers to understand the message and it will take time for makers as well to design the PPT. The motive of presentation is to explain the message easily and fast and too much would not help makers to meet the objective. Therefore, it is advised to summarize the topic in short and effective sentences. The shorter the text is, the easier it will be for viewers to understand and comprehend it.

So, these are a few tips to design an effective presentation. Besides, it is important for makers to prepare PPT according to your audience. If your audience is layman then they would not understand the terminologies that you would use in the PPT.