CMA is an abbreviation of Certified Management Accountant. It is one of the most internationally recognized certification that provide ample opportunities to students and young adults who study for CMA. 

Unlike CFA and ACCA, CMA has a very practical and relative syllabus that make its studies easier and applicable in the field. The degree consists of two exams: CMA Part I and CMA Part II. CMA Part I is financial planning, performance and analytics and Part II is Strategic Financial Management. 

Although a person has to study more than 20 hours to pass CMA with minimum marks, it provides you with the platform to grow professionally and financially with flying colours. The courses of economics and accounting with financial modeling online course give you a lot of knowledge to make capable enough to be the part of any department. Scroll down to know what you can be if you have CMA!

Management Account: 

You can be a great management accountant with CMA in any company who has to make a plan and budget for future and current year of the company. Besides, you have to make and craft strategies to increase sales and make budget applicable. Yet, a person has to be an expert in accounting. After all, you have to be in all meetings of the company. You can be the part of government agencies too if you apply for government jobs. 

Financial Analyst: 

CMA holders can work as financial analysts in any bank or insurance companies who have to eye on microeconomic aspects and market of the world and company. They have to analyse information about the company’s profit and solvency to guide employees and workers about the liquidity and stability of the business and company. 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): 

If you have a degree of CMA, you can become CFO faster than others. CFO is one of the highest position in companies. The person is the right hand of the CEO or Chief Executive Officer. A CFO has to eye on financial reports of the company while he or she has to make predictions and analyze the investments and work on business decisions. A person has to see cash flow and work on the weaknesses of the company. They are required to take corrective actions for the stability of the company timely. 

So, these are few of the career paths you can take after CMA. Many people have CMA and CFA certifications in UAE and they are enjoying a high position in different companies.