You need to land in Canada to complete the application process for permanent residency. However, many foreign nationals wonder how to finish the application for Canadian migration in compliance with COVID-related travel restrictions, provided that the border currently is closed to non-important travel. Read all about your landing options during COVID-19 in Canada.

You would be very reliant on your new immigration status for your right to move into Canada. You should be advised that the Government of Canada continues to review applications for permanent residence in Canada, but processing time can be longer than usual.

If your application has not yet been submitted

The Canadian government is now demanding that foreign citizens wait until all supporting records are available before they apply.

Due to COVID-19 you could have postponed the acquisition of some records. You should fill out a receipt and a corresponding letter detailing why you have not been able to procure the documentation needed, whether you are in the process of receiving documents.

The Government of Canada will currently consider remotely submitted language test reports or educational reviews.

Any pending papers should be sent as soon as you obtain them to prevent more delays.

When you’re away from Canada:

Most foreign nationals are officially not permitted to enter Canada to complete the application for permanent residence. You have to come to Canada to settle continuously and prove that you can quarantine for 14 days.

If the COPR is present, but has not yet landed:

You can wait until Immigrants, Refugees and Citizenship Canada provide guidance. To check your COPR at the entry stage, you should not fly to Canada, for entry is refused.

It is necessary to take your own, and that of others, into consideration when coming to Canada. Therefore, all foreign nationals entering Canada are expected to finish a quarantine duration of 14 days upon entry by the Canadian Government.

You must show Canadian border officers that you have a schedule for this quarantine in place. You will not be allowed to join Canada if you are not.Find more info about Canada student visa from UAE on our website.