There is no one answer to how a career mistake might look. You can be making a load of money but still not happy with your job. People spend 45% of their lives working. Work is crucial for survival. If you want to be independent and be well adjusted, you have to get a job. If you are not happy at your job, you cannot be satisfied in your life. A lousy job means a lot of stress. You might be in an unhappy position and not know it. Here are a few warning signs to spot if it is time to look for a new career:

  1. You are unable to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  2. You are unable to spend quality time with your family.
  3. You are unable to take care of your health.
  4. You are accumulating a lot of stress and negativity.
  5. You don’t mix well with your colleagues.
  6. You despise your office environment.
  7. You have an abusive and uncommunicative boss.

It is never too late!

No matter what your current circumstances are, it is never too late to make positive life choices. The most important thing to do is not panic and think objectively. If you can control your nervous energies and block out your inhibitions, you can regain control of your life. Talk to a friend or a family member, emotional support goes a long way. Plan and think about your progress in a practical manner. Learn to manage your risks. Gather all your resources and have some contingency to rely on in times of need. It will take time, but it is not impossible. Do not be discouraged by the small road bumps on the way. Stay positive and be open to learn new things.

You have been waiting for this list, and here it is. Before we dive into this, it is essential to remember that everybody makes mistakes at one point or another. Some errors are more significant than the others, but the only person stopping you from reaching your true potential is you. Failure is a state of mind, not a reality.

  1. Not consulting a coach: There are many brilliant life coach in Dubai, hire one.
  2. Trying to do everything yourself: Be open to learning from others when necessary.
  3. Learning block: Keep learning new courses and workshops to upgrade your skills.
  4. Better opportunities: You might like your profession but not your workplace. 
  5. Pursue your passion: If you don’t like you current job title, you are not a tree move. 
  6. Skipping career counselling: Find the best career coach in Dubai to change your life.