Everybody loves to have cake and there is no shame in eating too much cake. Food is supposed to be for enjoyment and nourishment and the focus of consuming food should not always be to stay in shape. But if you are planning to diet then you should stop having cake as it has lots of calories and sugar in it. Excess consumption of calories makes you gain a lot of weight. So, you should cut your calories in your diet as well as sugar intake. But cutting a lot of calories can also lead to the risk of you going hungry. Being hungry can lead towards overeating. Also, the Sugars and flour added in the cake increase the blood sugar in your body and can also increase the sugar cravings.

Daily consumption of sugar and calories can lead to weight gaining although occasional intake of cake is fine. Here are some tips that it can help you in controlling yourself from having cakes delivery in Dubai:

  • People often adopt the approach that quit the all or have nothing. They either don’t even taste the cake or have a big slice. But one could also compromise by having a moderate slice.
  • Another great idea for having a small amount of cake or having a small baby shower cake in Dubai is by following the 3-bite rule. It is said that three bites of any type of dessert like cake, pudding, etc. are enough to satisfy your taste buds and does not cause you to weight gain. So, you can have a taste or have two or three bites of a cake. If you are serving the cake you should serve it in small portions too. If someone else’s serving then you should learn how to self-control by only tasting.
  • If you are planning to have a high calorie dessert then you should have something before that. Have an apple that is high in fibre and low in calories. Warm drink and tea can also help in suppressing the craving temporarily.
  • Number of calories should be counted if you are on a diet. If you are planning to have a slice of cake then earlier that day you should have a low-calorie food to make space.
  • Also, if you end up having a big portion of meal, you should not have eater’s remorse. Instead plan the next days with low calories of food and stay hydrated and keep doing lot of exercises.