When you hear a word painter or arts and craft classes in Dubai or about painting classes in Dubai, you always assume like arts on the walls of offices, malls, art galleries etc. It’s about the creativity inside of a person which is expressed through arts and painting. Frist you need to know that what the basics of painting are. You need to get yourself inspired by some legendary artists. Analyze their work. Observe closely each and every bit of it. There are so many milestones to achieve if you want to become a painter.

You need to set your hand on canvas paper. There many kinds of paints like oil paints, acrylic paints, water colors etc. Painters mostly work under museums, companies or they can do their work by their own (independently). The field of painting is really competitive nowadays. There are so many top painters whom you can’t compete in the start but with proper given time to your passion you can achieve some milestones. Artists loved the feeling of being appreciated and motivated when people encourage your work publicly.

You have to work really hard in the field of painting to become a successful painter. You need real passion and struggle in this field. Painters work night and day to make the perfect painting. Some painters have devoted their entire life to this this field. They adore their work and they are so possessive about their painting.  Painters do their own marketing. 

The best way to begin a career as a painter is to study the degree of in fine arts. The more basics you study the better for you to start in this field. Learning is always good in every profession. There are bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. These are the steps you should take to start as a painter or artist.

After that you need to make your own portfolio or resume. You need to settle your work in a sequence. Not all of your paintings are great some of them are not but the ones with the best reactions you should put them in your portfolio. You need to create your own style. You can’t copy someone. Becoming inspire from some is not wrong but you can replicate his/her work. You need to imagine beyond the limitations. Painting is about thinking outside the box. So think big and think creatively. By all these acts you can become a great painter or artist.