The path to become a neurologist is not that complicated if you go through proper channels. The first thing that is useful for an individual is that they must create an educational plan. By this plan they will match their plans and steps to become a neurologist and become the best neurosurgeon in Dubai

The first step is to finish a 4 year college. In college times always remember to serve yourself in to volunteer work. Because it will become so useful for your future. You will get the knowledge and information about how to interact with patients who want the varicose veins treatment. What are the most asked questions etc. After college you have to attend MCAT exam. This MCAT exam is the reason by which your medical school application will be judged. You have to score high in your MCAT exam because the competition is fierce in medical field especially in neurology. Then the next step is to get an admission in a medical school. After medical school there is this program named as residency. This program will groom your thinking to the next level. You will be trained on regularly basis. You have to analyze and memorize every bit of it. Because if you are thinking to go in the neurology field there will be so many challenges and situations that you won’t even expect. This program, is based 5 years,. The first 2 will be an internship and then the next 3 will tech to get specialized in neurology. 

Then there is another program which is somehow similar to residency program. This program is known as fellowship program. In order to become a neurologist to score high in board examination An American board of psychiatry and neurology. 

This health care division is implemented in different ways like a neurologist can work in a medical facility or he can even go and work privately. The salary and annual income of a neurologist is top notch. They serve with focus and so much experience and they get the return equal to their work. According to the survey the annual salary of a neurologist is around 250,000 to 300,000 USD. Which is an amazing figure for an individual. 

The neurologist must have the curiosity to learn news ways and trends in health care industry. Because sometimes there work is equipment based and some time it is knowledge based. So the individuals must know how to perform in each situation.