Nothing attracts a customer more than free stuff, which is why many companies are seen giving out free samples of their products in expos. It is an effective technique, there are a number of affordable things that you can give to anybody who visits your stand. To get a better idea you can go to websites of bloggers of big companies. Here are some of the things you can gift to people in exhibitions:

Insurance companies use this item the most, they have small diaries with pens to give to every person walking past which increases their visibility and sales. Diaries are great for free gifts.

Small pens nicely wrapped in a cover of box is one of the best options for gifts to give to your clients. Many companies use that and it works just good as any other thing. A lot of money is spent on exhibition stand designers in Dubai to attract customers using this technique.

Water bottles
If your exhibition is in summer, it is one of the best options to give bottles filled with clean water to walk-ins. People really appreciate the gesture and are most likely to recognize your company next time they see it.

USBs work perfectly especially of you are a tech related company. USBs are needed by all people and are considered a necessity. Giving free USBs to customers forms a bond between them and your company.

Polo shirt
This item can be expensive for new companies that have small setups but it is an excellent option for companies with revenues. Polo shirts increase the male customers and they become attached to your brand. Black and white color shirts are usually preferred as they are the basic colors.

Mini bottles of perfumes given to walk-ins not only attracts more customers but it also makes them remember the brand name. The mini bottles are kept in their purse or bag which makes it likely that they visit your brand once that is finished. However, it is important to spend money on display stands in Dubai to attract more and more audience.

Key-chains never lets your customers forget your brand’s name as they carry the key-chains everywhere. Small and decent key-chains with company logo or title does the job nicely.

So, these are the main items you can give to your customers for free to increase your sales. There are a plenty of other options available on the internet for the things you can gift to your clients.