A business consultant is a person who will provide all kinds of assistance to different businesses and will also guide different investors that which business is best for them to put their money into. If you want a job that makes you a lot of money then you should become a business consultant because according to global career development, a beginner business consultant makes 40,000 AED per year and a pro business consultant can make more than 90,000 AED in a year. But remember that being a business consultant may sound easy to become but it is actually very difficult because you need to clever, sharp and a kind of person that keeps yourself updated about all the business terms and conditions.

The first thing you should do is pass out school and get admission in a business school. If your city doesn’t have a business school, then you can always find a college then offers business studies make sure that you get the best scores and now you need to get an admission in a university that offers the study program of bachelors in business administrations. There you can keep the majors of accounting, business finance, marketing, management of human resource management. These are the kind of business studies that cover all the parts of business. Although you will also be reading about stats, communications, ethics, stock markets etc.

These smaller subjects are very easy and they will come in handy when you become a licensed business consultant. When you pass out university as well, now you need to look for a company that is offering internships. You can also ask your university human resource department admins to find you an internship because different companies are on the university’s panel who offer jobs and internships to students who have high marks when they graduate. In this way, you will gain a lot of experience, if you perform well during your internship program then the company can also hire you and even if they don’t hire you and you apply in a different company. At least they will know that you have some prior experience of being a business consultant. Because business consultation companies are always busy and they don’t have time to train the newbies and that is why they make sure to hire a person who know about their job.